Carol Lynn Pearson – poet, author, playwright, screenwriter, performer, speaker, general free-lance philosopher, and author of the new children’s book, I’ll Walk with You.

Carol Lynn is the author of over 40 books and plays. Her “calling” to promote acceptance and kindness began in 1984 when she took in her gay ex-husband and sang to him as he lay on her couch dying of AIDS. This tragic event helped her realize that she was in a position to shed light on a very misunderstood subject, and she wrote Goodbye, I Love You, published in 1986 by Random House.

A passionate advocate of acceptance and kindness, in 1987 she wrote the lyrics to I’ll Walk with You. Today, the song is sung by thousands of children and adults, including annually by Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons at his LOVELOUD festival. Carol Lynn adapted her beloved song into the new children’s book, I’ll Walk with You.”

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