Jolabokaflod. Creating Christmas Memories to Last a Lifetime.

We love a Christmas tradition where the best gift is a book! And in Iceland, nothing says warmth, family, and tradition like Jolabokaflod, or "Christmas Book Flood."


Want to add Jolabokaflod to your Christmas traditions? It will fit right in. Like the Icelanders, give your gift of books on Christmas eve. Books go perfectly with some of your established traditions; opening one gift on Christmas eve, hot chocolate and a roaring fire, new pajamas! Then gather round as a family and read. Sip the chocolate. Nibble on some popcorn or nuts.

  1. Christmas
    Special Price $7.49 Regular Price $9.99
  2. Good Night - Buenas Noches
    Good Night - Buenas Noches
    Special Price $7.49 Regular Price $9.99
  3. Nighttime Slumber
    Nighttime Slumber
    Special Price $7.49 Regular Price $9.99
  4. S Is for Santa: A Christmas Alphab
    S Is for Santa: A Christmas Alphab
    Special Price $7.49 Regular Price $9.99
  5. Edgar Gets Ready for Bed Board Book
    Edgar Gets Ready for Bed Board Book
    Special Price $7.49 Regular Price $9.99

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